Radu Anton Roman

Romanian recipes, wines and customs

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Radu Anton Roman was endowed with all the gifts of the baroque creator and the expert consumer, he belongs to the category of those for whom the most important part of a joy is the comment. “Cooking is writing. No sensation is complete unless it becomes a word. The voluptuousness of telling a story about a meal and building, around the glass, merry lyrical pirouettes justifies and amplifies the pleasures of the house. Unusual is the investment of effort, of labor, to which R.A.R. consents. to document the jubilation. The kitchen is a library, an archive, a laboratory. Siesta is a research activity. The ponciful of the grant unit of autochthonous culinary expression around the sarmals and mitites, shatters to make way for an enchanting diversity. The canonical truth is replaced, salutarily, by the celebration of multiple truths, gathered in every village, in every valley, fence by fence. We are in full postmodernism — some hungry academics will say. I would! To lose weight! We are in full tradition, in everything it has that is more exuberant, more natural and more appetizing”, according to Gabriel Liiceanu.
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