Johnathan Nightingale,Melissa Nightingale

How F*cked Up Is Your Management

This book has swears. Any honest discussion of management today needs a few. And it’s just what you’d expect from the creators of the internet famous blog, The Co-pour.
If you’re trying to lead a group of people today, the bad news is that it’s harder than ever. Your employees have impossible expectations of you, and your investors haven’t operated a business in over twenty years. The good news is that there’s hope. You can be the leader your people need, but you won’t get there without some discomfort.
How F*cked Up Is Your Management tackles a massive gap in the conversation about modern leadership. Through personal narrative, and candid storytelling, Melissa and Johnathan Nightingale distill the lessons they’ve learned and the mistakes they’ve made into a new management standard.
This book doesn’t gloss over the hard work, uncertainty, and stress that it takes for startups to get things right. It doesn’t glorify those things either. In addition to the swears, this book has thoughtful things to say on:

What to do when you double in size but haven’t doubled your output
How to interview better, hire smarter, and grow and retain the people you’ve already got Why meritocracy doesn’t work and other cultural traps
How to build a non-toxic workplace culture and a diverse team
Why you don’t want superheroes on your team (and definitely don’t want to be one)
How to manage an employee up and when to manage them out What to do when it all falls apart
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