Allan Massie

The Ragged Lion

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From the author of Caesar and The Sins of the Father, a fictional memoir of the celebrated Scottish Romantic writer and historical novelist.

Allan Massie recreates the life and times of Sir Walter Scott, one of Scotland’s greatest writers, convincingly capturing Scott’s humor, stoicism and eccentricity. Combining imaginative plausibility with his own deep knowledge of and love for Scott’s work, Massie reveals the intimate thoughts of a man at odds with his popular image: good and courageous, but also an enigma to those around him. By turns a ghost story and an examination of the Scottish character, The Ragged Lion is utterly enthralling.

Praise for The Ragged Lion

“Massie captures Scott’s humor, and his tragic qualities and stoicism.” —The Evening Standard (UK)

“Profoundly human . . . Massie is a novelist for grown-ups.” —The Spectator (UK)DESC>

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FICTION / World Literature / Scotland / 20th Century


Andrew Bird
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Birlinn Limited, Polygon



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