Amy Lange

Wire Weaving: Beginner + Intermediate Guide + Chain Maille + Kumihimo Wire Weaving

If you want to learn wire weaving without paying $60 for a single weaving class, then keep reading…

Do you want to learn how to make wire woven jewelry, but don't know where to start?

Do you want to learn at home, without having to pay $60 for attending a single wire weaving class?

Are you unable to make projects that you like, because your local supplier doesn’t have some of the materials?

Do you want to start without having to break your bank with expensive tools and materials?

As a wire weaver, I, the author, also faced such problems.

That is why I came up with secret methods that make it easy for you to start wire weaving with just a few basic tools.

I will share these secrets inside this book.

Note: This book has 4 manuscripts

Book 1: Wire Weaving for Beginners: Make Your First Wire Jewelry Project and Learn Basic Wire Weaving Skills

Book 2: Intermediate Wire Weaving: How to Make Wire Jewelry Without Splurging on Expensive Metals

Book 3: Chain Maille Wire Weaving: How to Make Chain Maille With Affordable Metals and Minimal Tools

Book 4: Kumihimo Wire Weaving: How to Make Wire Kumihimo Braids With Affordable Metals and Minimal Tools

In this book you will discover:

• The #1 material you should use to make wire jewelry, that is both inexpensive and easy to work with

• 3 beginner projects that you can make, wear, and gift to those who are special in your life

• 4 versatile intermediate wire weaving techniques, that you can use to add your own ‘personal touch’ to projects

• The secret tool you should use to measure the gauge of your wire, that has personally made it easier for the author herself

• 1 handy method to incorporate and show off colorful beads in your projects 1 simple ‘hack’ that will allow you to never purchase a clasp or earring wire ever again

• One major mistake that completely ruins expensive base wires in your projects, and how to solve it

• How to add cabochons to your kumihimo projects

• 5 classic and versatile kumihimo designs that go well with inexpensive metals

• How to get a patina finish on your kumihimo projects

• The biggest mistake you could be making when braiding wire

• 8 beginner level chain maille patterns to kick start your chain maille journey

• How to avoid wasting money while buying jump rings

• How to make your home-made jewelry look professional

• An easy way to eliminate ring math for chain maille

Plus you will receive not one but 4 free bonuses:

• The top 5 cheapest chain maille suppliers

• The #1 low-price metal you should use to make your first kumihimo braid

• The #1 low-price metal that a beginner should use to make her first chain maille

• 10 kumihimo 'hacks', that will make your kumihimo learning curve easier

But, as a complete beginner, will you be able to make wire jewelry using this book?

Yes. This book has been designed to let the beginner pursue her hobby, without feeling like it's too complicated. From beginner projects to wire braids with lush blue cabochons, you will be able to learn a range of designs, even if you have never touched wire before.

Note: 2 manuscripts in this book do not have pictures.

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