Cornelius Moore

The Boogie Down

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Tom Sims is an honest cop.   Almost honest to a fault.  He abides by the law to the letter.  Tom has received awards from the Mayor and the Police Commissioner.  While his professional life going great, his personal life is falling apart at the seams because he is drowning in debt.  One night during a raid, a local street hustler named Smiley escapes and comes face to face with Tom.  He offers Tom money to let him go.  Enraged, Tom refuses and puts him in handcuffs.  Smiley offers him more than Tom needs.  In a moment of desperation, Tom takes the money.  Tom is then forced to do things he is not comfortable with and he resists.  When a local girl is kidnapped, Tom must make a choice that causes him to ask himself two questions. How far will a person go to lose his soul and how far will he go to get it back?  The Boogie Down is a crime drama that will shock you with twists and turns until the last page.
The Boogie Down is the first book in the Crimes and Passions series from Cornelius Moore.
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