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Giulia Enders


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More than 100,000 copies sold of the original edition in North America, and more than 4 million copies have sold world-wide in all languages.

There have been many discoveries about the Gut-Brain since 2013 when Enders first wrote Gut (published in 2015). At the time much of the research was on animals, but since there are more than 20 reliable studies involving humans.

Enders introduces psychobiotics, a term describing describes microbes that have psychological effects—and which may even be useful in treating conditions like depression and stress, and shows how our gut bacteria affect mood, stress levels, and depression.

She also includes basic instructions for producing fermented vegetables – full of good gut bacteria – at home.
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    If it weren’t for my medical studies I would never have had the knowledge necessary to write this book, so I thank all my good teachers and professors, as well as the German state, which pays for my university studies.
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    When many women go through menopause, their bones get weaker. This is due to a mid-life crisis in the ovaries. They have to say goodbye to their life of producing hormones and learn how to enjoy their retirement. But the bones miss those hormones! No prebiotic in the world can help with this kind of osteoporosis.
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    In one experiment, ITFMIX was seen to improve calcium absorption in young girls by up to 20 percent. That is good for the bones and can help protect against osteoporosis in old age.

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