Third Cousins

Complicated Lovers – The Complete Series

Dannie has plans. She’s going to get the internship at the fancy law firm and she’s going to make something of herself. She’s even got her beanie-wearing boyfriend, Nick, supporting her. It seems like everything is going well for Dannie, until she gets a call from her mom. With a wedding to go to and a new stepbrother, can she still keep her head in the game and get the internship, or will it all be a little too much? People Dannie once trusted prove themselves to be unworthy. People Dannie once hated have started to show her a new side to them. As her world turns upside down she must find the strength to continue so that she can ace her internship interview. But how strong can any one person be and how much can she really take, before she breaks? Things between Dannie and Max are starting to heat up, but when his father stands in the way of her getting her dream job, their new-found relationship comes into jeopardy. Will Dannie be able to hold onto her job when everything is aligned against her? And, more importantly, will Max be able to keep hold of Dannie?
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Speedy Publishing LLC, Third Cousins



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