The Colour Out of Space, Howard Lovecraft
Howard Lovecraft

The Colour Out of Space

«The Colour Out of Space» is a first-person narrative written from the perspective of an unnamed surveyor from Boston. In order to prepare for the construction of a new reservoir in Massachusetts, he surveys a rural area that is to be flooded near Lovecraft's fictional town of Arkham. He comes across a mysterious patch of land, an abandoned five-acre farmstead, which is completely devoid of all life.
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Nicole Arce
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Sin duda alguna, me ha roto la cabeza; ya hace una semana que lo he terminado, y sigo pensando en todas las anécdotas que narra este libro, es realmente impresionante.

Nemanja Stefanovic
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that alien and undimensioned rainbow of cryptic poison from the well – seething, feeling, lapping, reaching, scintillating, straining, and malignly bubbling in its cosmic and unrecognizable chromaticism.
aldo garcia
aldo garciaцитуєторік
at anything beside its own elder mystery. It was morning when I saw it, but shadow lurked always there. The trees grew too thickly, and their trunks were too big for any healthy New England wood. There
Lykke Verup
Lykke Verupцитуєторік
and the floor was too soft with the dank moss and mattings of infinite years of decay.

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