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Reshma Saujani

Brave, Not Perfect

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The new Lean In, from the multi-award-winning Founder and CEO of national non-profit Girls Who Code and New York Times bestselling author Reshma Saujani.
{"strong"=>["‘We are raising our boys to be brave, but our girls to be perfect. And this is holding us back.’"]}
Imagine if you lived without the fear of failure, without the fear of not measuring up. If you no longer felt the need to stifle your thoughts and swallow what you really want to say in order to please and appease others. If you could stop berating yourself mercilessly for human mistakes, let go of the guilt and the strangling pressure to be perfect, and just breathe. What if, in every decision you faced, you made the brave choice or took the bolder path. Would you be happier? Would you impact the world in the ways you dream you can?
I believe the answer to both is yes.
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    Every setback is just another chance to further strengthen those fierce bravery muscles you’re building by getting back up and trying again.
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    Each time you screw up, you learn what not to do.

    Each time you falter, you prove that you can right yourself.

    Each time you fail, you get to try again.
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    Offer your assistance to a colleague who is working on a big project. Reach out to a new mom in your kid’s school and invite her for coffee. Send a personal note of thanks to a friend who supported or inspired you in some way. Visit the elderly woman who lives alone next door. Like gratitude, generosity pretty much vaporizes any lingering feelings of bitterness, shame, or disappointment and lifts you up, while at the same time bringing light and joy to someone else—so really, it’s a win-win for everyone. When we realign with our generosity of spirit, we realign with our sense of purpose and bravery and can get back on track with what we want to do or accomplish.

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