Marcus Darkley

BDSM Collection 13

A collection of 6 BDSM Erotica titles from Master wordsmith Marcus Darkley.

Six highly charged stories of BDSM passion and explicit scenes of sexual activity.

Features: The Thanksgiving Deal, Unforeseen Futa, Femdom BDSM, A Milf for the Futas, Sugar Daddy Vacation and Loan Interest.

Adult reading material.

All characters are over eighteen.

The Thanksgiving Deal -  When a young man called Mark came looking for help for his business start-up, my due diligence soon revealed the delightful Erica, his twenty-five year old wife. If I was going to invest in Mark, then Erica should be the collateral! Thanksgiving was around the corner and I invited them to dinner, to strike a deal!

Unforeseen Futa –  I had found my pleasure outside the marital home for some time now. I made a promise to myself that it was ‘girls only.’ My logic was, if there was no cock involved, it wasn’t really cheating, right? Then I met Ellie!

Femdom BDSM —  I had quickly agreed to let my husband’s business partner fuck me on Thanksgiving, in exchange for the huge injection of funds he desperately needed. Had I realised the deal also included his wife having full access to me? I suppose I did. Anyway, it had all led to several days of intense pleasure for me at their hands, and most of it came from her, Marnie!

A Milf for the Futas —  Clare was happy to get back into the workplace after so long, and the marriage counselling office was a nice place to work. Her colleagues; her boss were all women, and what women! Beautiful, elegant ladies who all had the same olive complexion, and sultry looks. They gave the frustrated housewife a buzz to be around. Her boss said they were all from some place called Futanari, which Clare had never heard of.

Sugar Daddy Vacation — I  was now officially a ‘sugar baby’. I was getting incredible sex from an experienced man, and having all my fees and expenses paid for. I no longer had to work at the horrible fast food place! Summer started with Raul taking me away for two weeks. This promised to be a mind-blowing experience of sun, sea and sex.. Then we bumped into a couple he knew and the sex bit went to another level!

Loan Interest — A small debt from years ago resurfaced and was a hell of a lot bigger. A friend introduced me to a loan shark and then things got really serious. Then I was introduced to Mr Arnold: a rich, older businessman. his deal was simple. He'd take care of the debt for me and I simply had to make him happy.
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