Jack N. Raven

Develop Powerful Self-Discipline and Self-Motivation – Go From Wishful Thinking to Action and Total Success!

This is a book about self discipline and how to help you turn that wishful thinking and daydreaming to actual tangible plans and actions that accomplish objectives!This is an area that is often overlooked and people in all walks of life really don't have the means or the know-how how to translate that vision into action and results!The concepts laid here can be used for just about any goals that you want to accomplish! Whether it be for personal or business, the concepts are universal and can be applied anywhere!    Introduction    The Major Stumbling Blocks To Getting What We Want    Cynicism    Negativism    Escapism    Definition Of Self Discipline    Problems Of Vision Not Translating To Action Are:    Lack Of Organization-Inability To Set Proper Goals Whether Short, Medium Or Long Term.    Lack Of Energy Or Plain Laziness To Go Through The Steps Or The Necessary Action Going From Point A To Point B.    Not Knowing Exactly How To Go About Accomplishing The Tasks!    Maintenance To Keep To The Plan.    Punishment Systems    Individual Weaknesses    Individual Strengths    Fear Of Failure    Fear Of Success    Increased Pressure    Increased Security Risks    Fear Of Rejection    Fear Of Risks    Fear Of Mediocrity    Design Your Rewards And Punishments    Four Stages Of Self -Discipline    The Decision Stage    The Preparation Stage    Breaking Things Into Smaller Chunks    Time Management And Organizational Skills    The Action Stage    Modifying The Action Plan    Measuring Performance    The Completion Stage
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    Learn why you might be hoping to fail than succeed too other than self discipline


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    It's better to come in cocky than feeling defeated which is kind of idiotic because no warrior comes into the battle to lose! He comes to win and be victorious!
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    The remedy against this is to gain more successes, even small successes and victories to train your mind to expect positive outcomes instead of any kind of negativity. Stay away from negative influences too; they'll just weigh you down.

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