L. Diane Wolfe

How to Publish and Promote Your Book Now

Publishing and promoting made simple!
Have you dreamed of publishing a book but didn’t know where to begin? This book guides you through identifying markets, budgeting, building an online presence, and generating publicity. Get the current scoop on:
Traditional publishing & self-publishing
Print and e-book setup, formatting, and distribution
Finding your target audience
Generating reviews and media interest
Networking and developing an online presence
Promotional materials and appearances
Uncover your ideal publishing path and various marketing options before you begin. Writing is your dream. Give it the best chance for success!
“She gives an unbiased take on the advantages and disadvantages of traditional publishing and self-publishing and publishing paths that combine the two… It's the perfect book for those who want an overview to begin the decision-making process.” — Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of the multi award-winning series of how-to books for writers
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Dancing Lemur Press LLC

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