Peter Leonard

Unknown Remains

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“This assured crime novel from Leonard opens on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, in New York City . . . the plot twists and turns” (Publishers Weekly).
Jack McCann is a high-stakes Wall Street trader who sneaks into his office early one morning to try and clear out his things and get out of dodge; he knows he’s in trouble, deep legal trouble, a fact highlighted by the urgent phone calls from his boss. Outside his office window, Jack hears a booming sound, and then the worst thing imaginable. He works in the World Trade Center, and it is September 11, 2001.
His wife in Connecticut, Diane, is visited the next day by a grief counselor, and then the mob, where she learns her husband owes them $750,000. Their personal bank accounts have been emptied. She’s totally and utterly broke. Lost in grief and now shock, Diane soon learns her husband was not the loving spouse he appeared to be. But neither is she, owing to that Beretta she keeps tucked into her handbag.
Unknown Remains boasts an exciting crime story, inventive plot twists, and a cast of rogues, who just might be using a national tragedy to cover up their own deep transgressions and greed.
“[A] rambunctious new novel . . . keeps the reader turning the pages.” —The Toronto Star
“Watching the characters turn around each other, plotting moves and countermoves, makes for exciting, page-turning stuff. In these moments, the book sings.” —Spectrum Culture
Unknown Remains by any title is worth your immediate time, attention and hard-earned moola . . . [Leonard] can take an idea and run with it to its best possible place, taking the best possible route.” —Bookreporter.com
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