Lynne Graham

The Sheikh's Prize

The flaw in his jewel When Sheikh Zahir Ra’if Quarishi took a Western woman as his wife it caused outrage amongst his people. And marrying Sapphire Marshall turned out to be the biggest mistake of Zahir’s life.
Cold and untouchable as her jewelled namesake, Sapphire fled the kingdom before sharing the marriage bed, leaving Zahir to face the shame alone — and his bank account five million dollars lighter. Now his ex-wife has been spotted in his desert, and before she can run again Zahir plans to banish her from his mind once and for all — beginning with reclaiming his wedding night! ‘Such passion and drama, another Lynne Graham classic!’ — Maggie, 45, Hove www.lynnegraham.com
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Harlequin Presents, Harlequin
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    her, Saffy gave him a teasing smile. ‘I hope you do appreciate that you will be stuck with me for ever.’
    ‘I was terrified that that might not be the case,’ Zahir sliced in, claiming a hungry driving kiss that left her breathless. ‘Afraid that you were keeping your options open and

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