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Smart Owner’s Guide Beagle is the first interactive breed book of it kind to offer owners a fun way to learn about caring for their loyal companions. The book contains easy-to-read information full of smart tips, notable quotations, fun facts, and more than 100 adorable photos of your favorite hound that will keep you flipping through the pages. Beagle also offers online support with instant access to Club Beagle™ where owners can meet and interact with other dedicated Beagle owners, download charts and checklists, play Beagle-specific games, create their Beagle avatar, take quizzes, and send Beagle themed e-cards. Besides the online component, Smart Owner’s Guide Beagle has two bonus DVDs – one from Comfort Zone with D.A.P. on training and building the bond with your dog with dog trainer, Andrea Arden; and the second, a compilation of tips, do-it-yourself projects, and cooking videos from Dog Fancy and DogChannel.com.
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Lumina Media, Kennel Club Books



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