Alister McGrath

Mere Theology

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Alister McGrath explores how the great tradition of Christian theological reflection can enrich our faith and deepen our engagement with the concerns and debates of the world around us. Part 1 of this exhilarating volume looks at the purpose, place and relevance of Christian theology. Part 2 deals with the relation of the natural sciences and faith: here the core arguments of recent atheist writers are critically examined, including their demand for a 'New Enlightenment'. In short, Mere Theology addresses matters of real importance for Christian life and thought. It will prove both encouraging and stimulating to all those concerned with developing a 'discipleship of the mind'.
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    Dare I suggest that the same is true for Christianity, which currently affirms that we see things through a glass darkly (1 Corinthians 13.12), but rejoices that we shall one day see them with the clarity that is found only within the New Jerusalem
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    Neither theory predicts; both accommodate what can be observed. In celebrating Darwin, we also affirm the possibility of believing in a theory, a way of making sense of things, a ‘working hypothesis’, which is not finally confirmed, and may not ultimately be capable of final confirmation – yet which is found to be reliable.
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    This is a reminder that both scientific and religious theories find themselves confronted with mysteries, puzzles and anomalies which may give rise to intellectual or existential tensions, but do not require their abandonment.

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