Jackie Waldman

Teachers with the Courage to Give

“Essays by 42 incredible public-school teachers who articulate their passion for a crucial but underappreciated profession . . . powerful.” —Booklist
The author of The Courage to Give and Teens with the Courage to Give now presents the stories of forty-two incredible teachers and the ways they went beyond the call of duty to make a difference in the lives of their students. In these inspiring pages you’ll meet Trish Hill, a teacher from Fort Worth, Texas, who underwent radiation and chemotherapy without missing a day of school because her first graders gave her energy and courage, and Alison Frost, a drama teacher in Houston who makes casting decisions knowing that the role may be better for the student than the student for the role. Then there’s Francis Mustapha, a teacher born in a small village in Africa, who teaches in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and was moved by the tragedy of a student’s suicide to create an opportunity for other students to succeed.
Through their courageous first-person stories, these men and women prove that teachers are true everyday heroes—and inspire us to make a difference too.
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