Eliza Toska

Copycat Killers

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Discover some of the most twisted, horrific true tales of murder that were inspired by movies and TV shows.

In this book, you’ll discover the crimes, killings and macabre acts carried out by individuals who were inspired by their favourite characters from the big screen. From the teen who slaughtered his mother and sister carrying out a Halloween inspired murder to the two young girls who attempted to stab their friend to death in the name of a fictional online character, you’ll discover crimes you’ve never heard of, all carried out by people who took their love for fiction and turned it into a terrifying reality.

There’s the tale of the man who took his love for Taxi Driver to a whole new level by trying to slaughter the President. You’ll also learn about the man who adored a fictional villain from a classic movie so much that he killed two wives 13 years apart, both in a brutal fashion. Then there’s the heartbreaking tale of the gang of youths who adored a horror franchise so much they tortured and mercilessly killed a young woman who thought they were her friends.

Copycat Killers delves into the inspiration behind horrifying murders and tells the tales of inspiration gone awry; when life imitates art in the worst ways imaginable. Be warned — some stories include disturbing details.
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