Newton Thornburg

Cutter and Bone

“A thriller, and a whacking good thriller, too . . . shows how much can be done within a classic form by a writer who knows his business.”—The New York Times
Alex Cutter is a scarred and crippled Vietnam veteran, obsessed with a murder he’s convinced his buddy, Richard Bone, witnessed. That it was committed by the powerful tycoon JJ Wolfe only makes Cutter even surer that Bone saw the unthinkable.
Captivated by Cutter’s demented logic, Bone is prepared to cross the country with Cutter in search of proof of the murder. Their quest takes them into the Ozarks—home base of the Wolfe empire—where Bone discovers that Cutter is pursuing both a cold-blooded killer, but also an even bigger and more elusive enemy.
“Tense, funny, and despairing . . . charged with a passion that makes even grotesques seem likeable and, more important, credible right up to the last, startling sentence.”—Time
“May be the quintessential cult crime classic . . . continues to be cited by other writers as groundbreaking … The ending is pure Chinatown, with a dose of Easy Rider, and it leaves us reeling.”—Booklist (starred review)
Praise for Newton Thornburg
“A commanding writer of unusual delicacy and power.”—The New Yorker
“A born storyteller.”—St. Louis Post-Dispatch
“One of the truly great American writers of the 20th century.”—The Guardian
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