Florence Scovel Shinn

The Game of Life And How To Play It

The Game of Life and How to Play It, published in 1925, teaches the philosophies of its author, Florence Scovel Shinn. The book holds that ignorance of, or carelessness with the application of various 'Laws of Metaphysics' (see below) can bring about undesirable life events.
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    Ini lebih menarik dari the secret!
    More interesting than the secret!

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    He taught us to ashole it

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    Güzel kitap.


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    He taught that every man had the power to bless and to multiply, to heal and to prosper
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    So man must be careful that he is not the “wicked and slothful servant” who buried his talent. There is a terrible penalty to be paid for not using one’s ability.
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    It is, therefore, of the utmost importance, to word one’s demands correctly, as stated in a previous chapter.

    If one desires a home, friend, position or any other good thing, make the demand for the “divine selection.”

    For example: “Infinite Spirit, open the way for my right home, my right friend, my right position. I give thanks it now manifests under grace in a perfect way.”

    The latter part of the statement is most important. For example: I knew a woman who demanded a thousand dollars. Her daughter was injured and they received a thousand dollars indemnity, so it did not come in a “perfect way.” The demand should have been worded in this way: “Infinite Spirit, I give thanks that the one thousand dollars, which is mine by divine right, is now released, and reaches me under grace, in a perfect way.”

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