Pat Thomas

Headaches – The CommonSense Approach

Headaches – The CommonSense Approach is a clear, concise and accessible guide that will empower headache sufferers to become their own ‘headache detective’.
Ninety per cent of adults have had a headache at some time in their lives. Almost twenty per cent suffer from chronic headaches, with migraines comprising eight per cent of these. Headaches are responsible for more visits to the GP — and for more drugs bought — than any other condition. Where this conventional approach seems not to be working, the world of alternative health has excelled.
Thoroughly researched and written in an engaging style, Pat Thomas discusses who gets headaches and why. She helps track down their causes and details a huge variety of solutions, from stress relief and diet to alternative remedies such as herbs, aromatherapy, massage, acupuncture and hypnotherapy.
Including helpful charts, useful addresses and further reading, this book itself will be a welcome relief for the many headache sufferers out there.
The CommonSense Approach series is a series of self-help guides that provide practical and sound ways to deal with many of life’s common complaints. Each book in the series is written for the layperson, and adopts a commonsense approach to the many questions surrounding a particular topic. It explains what the complaint is, how and why it occurs, and what can be done about it. It includes advice on helping ourselves, and information on where to go for further help. It encourages us to take responsibility for our own health, to be sensible and not always to rely on medical intervention for every ill.
Other titles in the series include Depression – The CommonSense Approach, Stress – The CommonSense Approach and Sleep – The CommonSense Approach.
Headaches – The CommonSense Approach: Table of ContentsWhat are Headaches?What Type of Headache? Tracking Down the CauseRelief from StressThe Food FactorIs Your Home Giving You a Headache? Herbal RemediesHomeopathyAcupunctureHypnotherapyOsteopathy and ChiropracticAromatherapyChildren’s Headaches
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