Cornelius Moore

The Arrangements

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Michael and Allison are a newly married couple and they have been struggling to have a baby. Feeling desperate, they ask Caroline to be their surrogate. Because of her devout faith, she jumps at the change feeling her pregnancy will bring her closer to God. Her husband Benjamin, however, is skeptical. He thinks there is something else going on but reluctantly agrees with his wife. Shortly after Caroline becomes pregnant, Allison disappears. Michael, Benjamin, and Caroline all work for Eagle Motors with Michael as the VP of Service Delivery, Caroline as his executive assistant, and Benjamin as the Chief Engineer, respectively. Cars at Eagle have been having mechanical issues resulting in the deaths of a few people. Ben notices a pattern and with the help from Private Investigator Dhack “The Mad Hatter” Winston, they begin to dig deeper into a conspiracy and uncovers secrets that Eagle will do anything to protect.
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