Nigel Blundell,Maurice Crow

Adolf Hitler

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A rare, revealing, and chilling photographic history of Adolf Hitler—from mollycoddled child to vile propagandist to despotic madman.
One of the most intriguing mysteries about the rise of history’s most despised dictator is just how utterly ordinary he once seemed. A chubby child, a mama’s boy, an idle student, a failed artist, self-pitying outcast, and just another face in the crowd. The early images of Adolf Hitler give no hint of the demonic spirit bent on global domination. Only later in his tortured life came the metamorphosis, and the mask fell away to reveal a monster.
Adolf Hitler: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives traces this dramatic process in photographs—some iconic, some rare and intimate. And they are all revealing in their gradually subtle and disturbing transformation, demonstrating the mesmerizing power that Hitler wielded not only over the German public but also statesmen, industrialists, and the global media. Many culled from the author’s private collection, the photographs collected here provide unique insight into the mind of a megalomaniac and architect of the twentieth century’s most unfathomable atrocity.
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