Sarah Rayne

Dark Dividing

A conjoined twin’s disappearance leads a London journalist to a mystery reaching back to the turn of the last century in this “hefty suspense thriller” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).
Journalist Harry Fitzglen is intrigued by his latest subject, the London artist Simone Anderson, whose enigmatic photographs hint at a mysterious past. What exactly happened to Simone’s twin sister Sonia, to whom she had once been conjoined—and who disappeared years before? And how might Simone and Sonia be connected to another pair of conjoined twins, Viola and Sorrel, born nearly a century ago?
Every question Harry asks points him to the Shropshire village of West Fferna and a ruined mansion on the Welsh border called Mortmain House. As Harry uncovers the grim history of Mortmain, he finds himself drawn into a set of interlocking mysteries, each one more curious and disturbing than the last.
Set in three different time periods across the twentieth century, A Dark Dividing is “reminiscent of Henry James or Wilkie Collins . . . riveting and hard to put down” (Portland Book Review).
480 паперових сторінок
Дата публікації оригіналу
Felony & Mayhem Press


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    Because the past is a place you should never seek to enter: you should leave it alone and you should leave its ghosts to walk their sad dusty mansions by themselves…
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    Oh why cannot ladies have their own income, completely private and separate from their husbands!
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    And the dreams were not erratic at all, any more than they were drug-induced: the dreams were always with him, as much a part of him as the shape of his eyes or the way his hair grew.

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