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Chris Roebuck

Lead to Succeed: The Only Leadership Book You Need

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    some are even using 19th century-style command and control
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    They must always seek to deliver the best for the customer in an effective and efficient way that optimises organisational performance, not just do their own work
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    communities of effort and collaboration
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    etter before cheaper – in other words, compete on differentiators other than price.
    Revenue before cost – that is, prioritise increasing revenue over reducing costs.
    There are no other rules – so change anything you must to follow Rules 1 and 2.
    Interestingly research by Ambler11 in 2003 showed that boards spend, on average, nine times more time discussing spending and cashflow issues than where the money comes from and how it could be increased.
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    only profits matter’ message out, but they – and we – paid the price.
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