Elise Fikse,Liesbeth Joordens,Peter van Ruyven,Sara Nathan,Willine Schipper

Secrets of Amsterdam

Secrets of Amsterdam

The ebook 'Secrets of Amsterdam' contains more than 50 suggestions on what to do and where to go in Amsterdam: museums, theatres, concert halls and much more. But you have to work for it! Each listing is presented in 15 questions that, we hope, will increase your appetite.

Where is Rembrandt buried? How many bicycles are there in Amsterdam? What is the Miracle of Amsterdam? All the answers to the almost 1000 questions are given at the end of each chapter.

Learn about the Rijksmuseum, the Museum of the Canals, the Royal Palace, the Anne Frank House; let the kids play at NEMO, quench your thirst at Brewery `t IJ and enjoy international film history at the EYE Film Institute. All listings are linked to Google Maps.

So much to do, so little time. Enjoy!

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25 entries in this ebook contain a bonus question. To win the magnificent photo ebook 'Holland, as we see it' you only have to give the right answer to 10 of them.
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