Barrington Barber

Essential Guide to Drawing: Life Drawing

The bold form of the human figure has inspired artists for centuries, providing endless variety and interest. In this inspirational workbook, author and artist Barrington Barber provides an accessible introduction to life drawing.
Learn to:
• Portray figures in movement
• Create believable dimension
• Correctly gauge figure proportions and foreshorten limbs
• Get the most out of a life drawing class
• And more!
Examples from master artists such as Giorgione, Manet and Freud show the range of materials and stylistic approaches to life drawing. This book is perfect for both budding and professional artists, providing tips and tricks to mastering this subtle art.
ABOUT THE SERIES: The Essential Guides to Drawing are practical books for artists who wish to improve their skills in a particular subject area. The series covers Animals, Landscapes, Perspective & Composition, Portraits, Still Life and Landscapes.
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