Noel Chapman

Creative Fashion Drawing

This stylish introduction to fashion drawing is aimed both at practicing designers who want to brush up their skills, and at wannabe designers and fashion enthusiasts who want to learn how to design, draw and illustrate fashion from scratch. User-friendly, accessible and stylish, this book is an ideal guide to the world of fashion illustration and design. Fully illustrated throughout, this book contains examples from a range of practising fashion designers and illustrators, and step-by-step illustrations showing how to get the best results. Beginning with the materials and equipment that readers will need, the book goes on to explain how to get inspiration and ideas and use a sketchbook to develop design projects, before moving on to the process of drawing fashion figures. Readers are guided through the process of drawing fashion figures, with step-by-step illustrations showing proportions, men and women, and a range of different poses (standing, sitting, walking etc).

Noel Chapman is a fashion author, lecturer, consultant and designer who has designed clothes for Urban Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger, Quiksilver and Galeries Lafayette amongst others. Judith Cheek is a fashion illustrator who trained at Central Saint Martin's School of Art and has worked for clients including M&S, the Conran Group, Viyella and Littlewoods.
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Judith Cheek
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    he female figure has narrower, sloping shoulders, a smaller waist and larger hips (approximately the same as the shoulder width) than the male.
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    you should sketch in it!
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    might call a ‘general sketchbook’ or ‘ideas book’,

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