Linn B.Halton

Finding Happiness at Penvennan Cove

Escape to Cornwall with this beautiful page-turning novel set in Penvennan Cove — third book in the Cornish romance series by bestselling author Linn B. Halton!
Kerra Shaw's happiness should be complete when the love of her life moves into her cottage. But there is trouble in her beloved Penvennan Cove and Kerra knows she won't be able to enjoy her new start with Ross until she's put things right.
Two struggling businesses threaten to change the beach at Penvennan Cove forever. The Lark and Lantern, an inn at the heart of the community, is struggling and a corporate chain is trying to redevelop the site. Meanwhile, The Salvager's Yard nearby is becoming an eyesore that brings down the area.
Kerra knows she can find the perfect solution, but with her eyes on the community, will Kerra miss the tensions in her own life? Can Kerra find her own happy ending, or could putting others first cost her what she deserves most?
Readers love Penvennan Cove!:
'Utterly charming! It's beautifully written and will instantly whisk you away to the gorgeous Cornish shore. An absolute delight!' @chicksroguesandscandals, ****
'A good read for a rubbish day. Will make you feel better!' Netgalley reviewer, ****
'Warm and touching… It's been a real joy to continue the journey set in Cornwall.' Netgalley reviewer, *****
'A wonderful return to Penvennan Cove… Full of warmth… I hope to hear much more of the story in the future.' Netgalley reviewer, *****
'Fantastic readWish it could be far more than 5 stars.' Netgalley reviewer, *****
'So very lovely… A great addition to the Penvennan Cove series.' NetGalley Reviewer, ****
'A cozy romance written by a talented author… The protagonist is a likeable and quirky character who puts others first… A quick fun read.' NetGalley reviewer, *****
'Really makes you wish you lived there yourself… Brilliant writing and storyline as usual can't wait to read more from this author.' NetGalley reviewer, *****
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Bloomsbury Publishing, Aria
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