Sadie Hoagland

Strange Children

In a polygamist commune in the desert, a fourteen-year-old boy and a twelve-year-old girl fall in love and consummate that love, breaking religious law. They are caught, and a year later, she gives birth to his father’s child while the boy commits murder four hundred miles away—a crime that will slowly unravel the community.
Told by eight adolescent narrators, this is a story of how people use faith to justify cruelty, and how redemption can come from unexpected places. Though seemingly powerless in the face of their fundamentalist religion, these “strange children” shift into the central framework of their world as they come of age.
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Red Hen Press


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    Good read


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    When the three of us sat out back, talking about people we loved but didn’t know where they were, about times and how they change, about the things we didn’t understand, about how nothing was simple but death
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    I go sometimes and talk to that dark patch of crumbled earth underneath which lay my first child turning slowly into the ash of everything I was before.
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    ain’t no one nice for no reason.

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