David Meade

You Can Write a Best-Selling Info Book

An Info-Book is unique in that it can develop a revenue stream for you day in and out – holidays and weekends – for the rest of your life!
You'll find my book:
Unconventional – it gives you an edge others won't have
I draw from experience – whatever works
Challenging to your intellect
Provides you with a Plan
Shows you how to execute the Plan
Excels in briefing you in all Intel aspects of Info-Book development
I'm sure you've experienced a handful of things in life that you have a real passion for. That's your calling – now you have to go into a Training Phase to monetize that talent.
Let's look at some points:
Don't be afraid to make mistakes – they're your Point Men
Take Risks after you back-up your risks
Get the best resources available – my book
Go on a retreat to brainstorm your idea for your Info-Book
Write about your passion
Courage is not the absence of fear – it's the conquering of fear. My Book is your road map. One person giving knowledge to thousands is deploying those thousands.
The best way to overcome fear is to take action – you can take action towards your goals right now by buying this Training Manual and putting your dream into action. A lot of people make mistakes by starting a plan without a proper Intelligence Briefing.
This Book will overcome these obstacles for you. It will define and task your mission.
The contents include:
Research Principles and Techniques
Sources of Research
Writing Tools
Academic Research Tools
Archival Tools
Library Search Engines
Science & Psychology Search Engines
Business Search Engines
Niche Search Engines
Reference Search Engines
Writing Web Copy
Search Engine Optimization Principles
Graphic & Online Resources
Network Affiliate Marketing
Four Essential Distribution Channels
Utilizing Affiliates
Using WordPress
Sending Your Product to Multiple Countries
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