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Think Yourself Rich

Think Yourself Rich: A Step-by-Step Guide to Financial Independence is aimed at forward thinkers who want to find the right path to financial independence. Whether you are a first-time earner or further along your career path, this easy-to-understand guide explains in clear terms how to consciously choose and plan for a debt-free lifestyle and not only survive, but thrive, on the long-term journey towards financial freedom. The book covers crucial issues about financial planning simply and succinctly, including: why it is important to get rid of all unnecessary debt as quickly as possible; when you should start saving or investing; how to plan for emergencies; how much and what kind of insurance you need; how much of your income you should save; how much of your income you should invest; and where, how and when you should invest.
Information about budgets, financial plans and investments (including all-important terminology for various investment options) is interwoven with relevant real-life examples that will inspire you to set aside the time to draw up a proper financial plan – and execute it. Each chapter builds on the previous one to help you achieve your goals by sticking to your own, personal financial plan. This book will equip you to take full control of your finances and live a financially rewarding life.
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    Always remember that it’s not how much you make, but how much you keep

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