Michelle White

Kidnapped Seduction

When Katherine Portienne (Kate), an innocent mid-western college graduate, lands her dream job in Los Angeles, she doesn't realize what kind of a ride she was in for… literally. Tonight wasn't the first time that she'd worked twelve hours straight since she took on the Junior Associate position at the law firm of Johnson, Smith, and Barnes, and she knew that it wouldn't be the last. Kate had big plans to remove the Junior in her title and do it fast. Matter of fact Kate had everything in her life planned and nothing, especially a man, was going to get in her way… or so she thought. However, she never expected that she would be kidnapped in her own car. Suddenly, she finds herself trapped with a desperate man on a mission… What follows is a seductive and passionate journey across country, as Kate faces the harsh reality that everything she thought she wanted in life, had now changed.
67 паперових сторінок
Дата публікації оригіналу
Speedy Publishing LLC, Love Blots


    Eva Arbділиться враженням2 роки тому

    I thought it was interesting it was more entertaining than I thought in the beginning

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