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Raymond James

The Fatty Liver Diet

Liver! The most essential organ of the body!

The numerous roles that the liver performs in the body cannot be overemphasized. All other organs of the body rest solely on the liver, meaning that it is a determinant factor considering the optimal performance of other organs.

The Fatty Liver Diet corrects the health crisis encountered by almost one-third of the United States citizens, and the earlier a fatty liver is treated, the better because as it progresses without treatment, it could lead to liver inflammation, liver scarring, liver damage, and gradually leads to death.

There are 84 homemade recipes in this cookbook that would help you control fatty liver and maintain optimal health. It contains recipes in the categories of Appetizers, Beef Entrees, Breakfasts, Desserts, Fish and Seafood Entrees, Lamb Entrees, Other Entrees, Pork Entrees, Side Dishes, Snacks, Turkey Entrees, and Vegetarian Entrees.

Blood detoxification, Improvement of the immune system, control of fat, and energy improvement levels are all parts of the functions of these recipes, apart from the satisfaction you are about to derive from this cookbook.

If you care about the prevention and reversal of fatty liver, then this book is for you, also meant for everyone.
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Raymond James
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