Charles Dickens

Great Expectations

Great Expectations chronicles the progress of Pip from childhood through adulthood. As he moves from the marshes of Kent to London society, he encounters a variety of extraordinary characters: from Magwitch, the escaped convict, to Miss Havisham and her ward, the arrogant and beautiful Estella. In this fascinating story, Dickens shows the dangers of being driven by a desire for wealth and social status. Pip must establish a sense of self against the plans which others seem to have for him — and somehow discover a firm set of values and priorities.
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    Kashaf Danishділиться враженням4 місяці тому

    Definitely one of my top 10 classic novels. I can reread this book countless times and still thrill to the plot twists and cry at the unselfish goodness in Pips heart towards every he meets. The gothic elements with Miss Havisham in her crumbling mansion where all the clocks have stopped at the moment of her wedding that never materialized and decay and waste abound and the romance between Estella and Pip which is so unusual give this novel something Dickens had never played with prior. This novel definitely is a set above his other works in complex human relationships and undying love. Pips good deeds and the Kharma that comes his way is reassuring and a good lesson to all. He wants only to do good, to be a gentleman and be loved. His innate goodness as a little boy carries him toward adult hood and he is rewarded by his many kindnesses. The contrast between the icy haughty Estella and young Pip and her cruelty towards him is heart breaking. Still he can't help but falling in love with her. She was raised to break many hearts as revenge for Miss Havisham's betrayal and Pip gets in her way. Eventually she awakes from the ghosts that bind her and finds happiness in Pips love when he saves her from becoming a recluse like Miss Havisham and the curse is broken in a glorious conclusion.♥️👌

    ceylanfarukomer07445ділиться враженням6 місяців тому


    ABD OUділиться враженням10 місяців тому

    " you have always held your place in my heart "


    NightSky2004цитує5 років тому
    Ask no questions, and you'll be told no lies
    m170цитує5 років тому
    I was always treated as if I had insisted on being born in opposition to the dictates of reason, religion, and morality, and against the dissuading arguments of my best friends.
    sheikцитує6 років тому
    'I am to blame for my unhappiness

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