Drew Monkman

Nature's Year in the Kawarthas

Nature's Year in the Kawarthas is an almanac of key events occurring in the natural world over the course of a year in the Kawartha Lakes district — and in cottage country in general. Covering all areas of our flora and fauna as well as weather and the night sky, the book is a month-by-month chronicle of the mileposts of the passing seasons. From the raucous Spring Peeper chorus of April … through the sweet scent of milkweed blossoms in July … and the early-morning mists of September … to the arrival of the first eagles in December — all are noted for your interest.
Whenever you head out on your next walk or look up at the stars, Nature's Year will be your informative guide. For each month, an introductory essay captures the spirit of the season, while an “at a glance” summary lists the key natural events occurring. Each category in the natural world — from birds to the night sky — is then covered in more detail. Finely detailed drawings complement the text.
Author Drew Monkman is a teacher in Peterborough, Ontario. An avid naturalist in the Kawartha Lakes area, he is past president of the Peterborough Field Naturalists.
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Dundurn, Natural Heritage
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