David Wellington

The Monster Island Trilogy

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The complete “horrifyingly entertaining zombie-apocalypse trilogy” from the author of 99 Coffins and 23 Hours (Booklist).
David Wellington combines the scope of World War Z, the end-of-the-world drama of I Am Legend and The Walking Dead, and mixes in a host of ingenious new concepts to take zombie horror fiction to a breathtaking new level. All three volumes of his trilogy are included here, telling the story of humanity’s monumental struggle to survive an unstoppable global army of flesh-devouring monsters.
Monster Island: In search of lifesaving medicine, a former UN weapons inspector—accompanied by a squad of female African teenagers, armed to the teeth—ventures into a nightmare New York City overrun by ten million flesh-eating zombies.
Monster Nation: In this prequel to Monster Island, a nightmare plague sweeps across western America, transforming humans into cannibalistic living corpses. In his efforts to contain the horror, a Colorado National Guardsman pursues one female victim who inexplicably retains the ability to reason—and possesses remarkable powers that could be the key to humankind’s salvation.
Monster Planet: A ravenous army of the dead sweeps across the globe, under the command of a child-monster called the Tsarevich. Armageddon has arrived, and the zombie master, a fiendish sorcerer, and a courageous young woman will determine the ultimate fate of the human race at the original source of the zombie plague.
Gripping and gruesome, The Monster Island Trilogy is a feast of horrors for every true zombie fan to savor.
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