Harvard Business Review,Erin Meyer,Jon R.Katzenbach,Adam Grant,Boris Groysberg

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Building a Great Culture (with bonus article “How to Build a Culture of Originality” by Adam Grant)

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    “List the things this employee did really well
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    Confrontation and open disagreement are a strong part of its corporate culture
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    Success involves the careful application of five principles:
    Identify the dimensions of difference
    Give everyone a voice
    Protect your most creative units
    Train everyone in key norms
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    Because we aren’t in the same place, we can’t read one another’s body language—and because we’re from different cultures, we probably couldn’t read it accurately even if we were within arm’s length. The more we work with people from other cultures in far-flung locations, the less we pick up on subtle meaning and the more we fall victim to misunderstanding and inefficiency.
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    If you don’t tell me you need a budget breakdown, I won’t send one
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    that they had similar ways of communicating and making decisions
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    When Culture Doesn’t Translate
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