Angelina King

Confessions of a Girl in the City

The Confessions of a Girl trio of erotic novellas will immerse you in a sexy and stimulating world that you can't wait to explore. Sassy, seductive and firmly embracing every girl's right to fantasise and experiment with her sexuality, these books reveal what really turns a girl on (and for that reason alone, men will love them too!). Toni has made a decision to get serious. She has reached a point in her life where she must either follow her passions or get left behind, and so she has gathered her courage and moved to London to follow her dream of becoming an actress. She begins taking evening classes to hone her craft and walks headfirst into a situation more intriguing than anything she could ever have imagined. Her acting teacher and mentor, Marcus, sees Toni's unique potential amongst a class of average students. He singles her out for an assignment, in which he provides her with scenarios designed to assist with her acting. She must act out these scenarios outside the class and record them in a diary for her tutor to assess. As the exercise continues, however, Marcus' attraction to Toni becomes more than just professional, and student and teacher become involved in a tense erotic game in which the lines between acting and reality become increasingly blurred.
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    Nice end!

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    Not one bit.
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    I cocked a thumb
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    come-hither smile.

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