Rebecca Hunter

Stockholm Diaries, Caroline 2

A beautiful photographer searching for her own path
A pro hockey player trying to leave his rough past behind
Do they have what it takes to make a relationship work?

This is a full-length, stand-alone episode in Caroline and Niklas’s relationship… but their journey is best enjoyed if you start from the beginning of their story, Stockholm Diaries, Caroline.
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    Stockholm Diaries, Caroline, wasn't meant to be a series. But not long after the book was published, some readers asked, "What happens next?" I decided it would be fun to follow the readers' question: what happens after Niklas and Caroline's (first) happily ever after?

    I began by writing a short story about the next step in their relationship, and that led to lots of ideas about different possible places to pick up on their adventure. Eventually, I decided to set a lot of the second novel in Detroit. I grew up in Michigan, and writing about it gives me the chance to "live" there again!

    Stockholm Diaries, Caroline 2 picks up on some of threads of the first book, including hockey (of course), career vs. love, and seeing the world through the lens of a camera. I hope you enjoy reading the next episode in their story!

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    She stood up, and he didn’t pursue her. She walked out of the café and didn’t look back.

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