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Chika Onyeani

Capitalist Nigger: The Road To Success

Capitalist Nigger is an explosive and jarring indictment of the black race. The book asserts that the Negroid race, as naturally endowed as any other, is culpably a non-productive race, a consumer race that depends on other communities for its culture, its language, its feeding and its clothing. Despite enormous natural resources, blacks are economic slaves because they lack the 'devil-may-care' attitude and the 'killer instinct' of the Caucasian, as well as the spider web mentality of the Asian. A Capitalist Nigger must embody ruthlessness in pursuit of excellence in his drive towards achieving the goal of becoming an economic warrior. In putting forward the idea of the Capitalist Nigger, Chika Onyeani charts a road to success whereby black economic warriors employ the 'Spider Web Doctrine' — discipline, self-reliance, ruthlessness — to escape from their victim mentality. Born in Nigeria, Chika Onyeani is a journalist, editor and former diplomat.
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Jonathan Ball
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  • Mpho Rasenyaloділиться враженням3 роки тому

    Cringe-fest but a lot of good points

  • Mashudu Netshithuthuniділиться враженням4 роки тому

    Worth reading

  • fernando constantinoділиться враженням5 років тому



  • b6059553887цитує3 роки тому
    world is nothing but a jungle – whether it is that of animals or that of men. It is the survival of the fittest. The strong shall inherit the earth, the weak shall perish. That is the way of the Capitalist Nigger. I intend to be its best practitioner. Join me on this greatest of journeys for the economic redemption of the Black race.
  • Raxx Moritiцитує4 роки тому
    I will not play in your theater according to the script you have written. Even if I play in your theater, it will be according to the script I have written. And I will write such a script that there is no way you can turn it down. Take it or leave it. If you take it, I will help you to make it a success. If you turn it down, I will build my theater, play my script and put you out of business.”
  • Tumi Twalaцитує6 років тому
    Another minefield to maneuver are your friends. We as Black people are known for our PHDs – Pulling Him Down; we are like the crabs which have been thrown into a barrel

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