Hugh Ross

Spirituality in the Gospel of Thomas

This book plumbs the depths of the spirituality of the Gospel of Thomas. It shows that Jesus emphasized that your real nature is happiness itself, and that he provided answers to humanity's great quandaries of suffering and death. It also shows that the Gospel of Thomas provides the evidence that Jesus, in his early manhood, had visited India to sit at the feet of its illuminated Masters and learn from their highly evolved spiritual tradition. It tells of the creative disturbance he experienced there. It helps you, too, to grasp what Jesus was learning from that spiritual tradition. The ancient manuscript of the Gospel of Thomas was discovered in the sands of Egypt. It comprises 114 sayings of Jesus recorded by his follower the apostle Thomas. Here they are translated to be as helpful as possible for you. They are given in the short phrases of Jesus' speech, and are grouped together with like-for-like meanings to reveal a coherent set of spiritual teachings. They are presented in living hand-drawn calligraphy. Using this book as a companion and a focus for your contemplation you will find great enrichment of your spiritual life.
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