Gordon Smith

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

Thinking of growing magic mushroom for your personal or commercial purpose? Then stop here and look no further. The No. 1 magic mushroom guide that will blow your mind away with simple growing instructions is here.

Magic mushroom can be found in the wild. However, it takes great techniques in identifying them. As a result, many people prefer to grow magic mushroom at home.

In the first edition of this book, HOW TO GROW PSILOCYBIN MUSHROOMS: Complete Step by Step Guide on How to Cultivate Magic Mushroom Fast and Effective for Beginner covered only one way of growing magic mushroom. It uses a simple and straight forward approach. However, customers who want to grow magic mushroom using their grow kit were still helpless. It was this need that led to this book, the Second Edition

In this second edition, you will learn:

A step-by-step approach on how grow Magic mushroom using grow kit

How to identify contamination in grow kit

General identification of contaminants

How to grow magic mushroom in grow box

Best sterilizing method

Harvesting, preserving and drying your magic mushroom.

Don’t wait any longer. Get this book now for the best way on how to grow magic mushroom.

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