Steven L.Taylor

30-Second Politics

You may be OK with standard stuff like Conservatism and Democracy, but do you really know what Patrimonialism is? And what about Oligarchy? Anarcho-syndicalism? Politics is, we are willing to bet, the most passionately argued-over subject matter, and yet how many of us flounder around in confrontational debates because we have no grip on political theory, just a vague notion that they are all out to get us? 30-Second Politics will help dispel this fog mistrust and paranoia. It challenges political theorists of all colors to come up with no-frill, no-spin, tell-it-like-it-is explanations of the 50 most important political -isms, -archies, and -ocracies that have pertained since the time of Periclean Athens. At no public expense, the book explains each political theory in nothing more than two pages, 300 words, and some propaganda-style imagery, for we all know that a picture opportunity is worth a thousand words of dull interview.
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    Critics of libertarians argue that positive freedom – the capacity to fulfil one’s full potential – requires government programmes including public education, universal health care and protection from environmental degradation
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    hough no two libertarians think exactly alike – that’s part of the beauty of libertarianism – virtually all libertarians believe that government should be strictly restricted to preventing, and punishing, citizens from harming one another in their liberty, their property and their lives. In short, government’s purpose is to protect people’s rights. Modern-day libertarianism has a strong free market-economic component, as libertarians believe that society flourishes when individuals following their own self-interest are allowed to enter into contracts with other free individuals.
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    The good news is that people are born free and equal, and owners of their own lives. The bad news is that people’s liberty and equality – indeed their overall wellbeing – is forever threatened

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