Paul Clements,APRN,MSN,RN,Angelo P. Giardino,FAAN,NP-C,ANP-BC,Ann Burgess,DNS,Eileen R. Giardino,PMHCNS-BC,Theresa M. Fay-Hillier

Nursing Approach to the Evaluation of Child Maltreatment, Second Edition

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576 pages, 170 images, 43 contributors

This latest edition of Nursing Approach to Child Maltreatment is an invaluable resource to nurse and other professionals in a position to identify and report child maltreatment. Such professionals include pediatric nurses, family nurse practitioners. school nurses, advanced practice nurses, and social service personnel.
Nursing Approach to the Evaluation of Child Maltreatment clearly demonstrates how to identify abuse and details both common and unusual types of child maltreatment. Edited by a forensic and psychiatric clinical specialist, with chapters contributed by experts in fields related to child maltreatment, this authoritative reference is a must-have for nurses, nurse practitioners, and professionals who may encounter child abuse in the clinical setting.

To provide nurses and nurse practitioners with an expanded understanding of child maltreatment, this text covers a wide range of relevant topics, including:
—Domestic violence and its effect on children
—Online victimization and child sexual exploitation on the Web —Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy
—Legal issues related to child maltreatment
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