Ann Gosslin

The Double

'A completely engrossing read! I found Ann's writing compelling, elegant and convincing, and the story pulled me in and totally transported me.' Katherine Webb, best-selling author of The Legacy and The DisappearanceFollowing a violent outburst at an awards ceremony, Vidor Kiraly, a prize-winning neuroscientist and Cambridge don, is sent to an isolated psychiatric clinic in the Swiss Alps. When the clinic’s director, Anton Gessen, tries in vain to unearth the missing pieces of Vidor’s life, he suspects his reluctant patient is not who he appears to be. After one of the patients at the clinic goes missing, Gessen has reason to doubt Vidor’s self-proclaimed innocence. But what is he hiding, and who might be next?
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    Death might be decades away.’ He paused. ‘Or next week.’ He had her attention now. ‘Terrifying isn’t it?’ He tried to soften his words with a smile. ‘It’s no wonder we’ve invented all kinds of defences and distractions to avoid this one inescapable fact: that our time here on Earth is finite, and none of us gets out alive.’

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    Interesting and quick

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    We do not choose our parents, or the debt they’ve bequeathed us. But we can, if we choose, create something better and finer from the ash heap of the past
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    Though our lives are an accident of birth, our fate is in our hands.
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    the fire had been ruled as arson.

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