Linda Dackman,Pat Benson

The Language of Healing

Comfort for Those Confronting Breast CancerFind healing and power. In moments of reflection after a cancer diagnosis, the ensuing feeling of uncertainty and despair can overcome patients. Language of Healing not only uplifts and strengthens the spirit of cancer patients and those recently diagnosed, it provides a resource that begins to connect the reader to themselves and their relation to the world.
Comfort, guidance, and practical information from those who have been there. Built upon the experiences of women of all ages who have undergone all types of breast surgery and treatments and the voices of diverse women who are single, married, divorced, widowed, straight, gay, and of different cultures and races; Language of Healing serves as a breast cancer support group and a loving and helping hand.
Find a loving resource of 150 meditations and anecdotes to help with healing and provide empowerment:
Discover healing insights and supportExplore options for defining a “new normal”Commit to living each and every moment, fully and fearlesslyIf you or a loved one have benefitted from books such as Chicken Soup for the SoulYour Soul's Plan, or Dear Friend; then Language of Healingshould be your next book.
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Conari Press, Mango Media



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