Edwin Sidney Hartland

The Science of Fairy Tales / An Inquiry into Fairy Mythology

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    The Archæological Review” and “Folk-Lore.
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    embodying the Fairy superstitions of the Celtic and Teutonic peoples.
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    “To avert the calamity of nursing a demon, dried banana-skin is burnt to ashes, which are then mixed with water. Into this the mother dips her finger and paints a cross upon the sleeping babe's forehead. In a short time the demon soul returns—for the soul wanders from the body during sleep and is free—but, failing to recognize the body thus disguised, flies off. The true soul, which has been waiting for an opportunity, now approaches the dormant body, and, if the mark has been washed off in time, takes possession of it; but if not, it, like the demon, failing to recognize the body, departs, and the child dies in its sleep.”[64]

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