Dmitri Dobrovolski

Teach Yourself Chess

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Jesus gave people a wonderful game — chess! The game is very popular around the world because it helps a person to learn how to make informed decisions; a skill that is becoming increasingly valuable in our ever-expanding world!
During my 25 years of coaching, I have helped more than 600 boys and girls to learn how to make their first moves in chess. Among them was the world chess champion among people with disabilities Alexey Smirnov (FIDE ID 4168437, FIDE Elo 2451).
The ways of learning the basics of chess, which are described in this book, have been repeatedly tested and have brought forth excellent results. The material is given in a simple and effective way, so that ''Teach Yourself Chess'' can be used by any person of any age who has the ability to read.
The only requirement for this tutorial is a chessboard with its pieces so that the reader can apply immediately all the theoretical information. This tutorial can be successfully used by parents who want to teach their children the basics of the game.
I am sure that this book will be useful for school teachers who decide to introduce their students to an exciting game.
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    CHESS IS A GAME MADE for two people.
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