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Kelly Langston

When God Gives a Dream

Sometimes God gives us a dream. A wonderful, amazing dream.

Has God given you a dream that seems impossible to achieve? Is it a dream so hard to reach that you are considering giving up on it, even though God has called you to it?

If you have a God-sized dream of doing something amazing, this book will encourage you to press on!

Know this: Whenever God gives a dream, it won't be easy to achieve in your own power. That's because God gives impossible dreams that require His supernatural assistance.

Readers of When God Gives a Dream will:
Discover the characteristics of a God-inspired dream;
• Learn how to determine if a dream is from God;
• Be encouraged to press on when a dream seems lost;
• Learn why we can trust God with our dream;
• Discover the secret to reaching an impossible dream; and
• Learn how to ask God for help to achieve a dream;

If you think your dream is all but lost, you might be closer to it than ever before! Don't throw in the towel just yet!

Read When God Gives a Dream: Reaching Your Impossible Dream in God's Power and achieve your impossible dream!
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